Tammy McGoon
Tammy McGoon
QUESTION  a year ago

Keto diet and amino energy drink

Should I not drink Amino Energy drinks if I'm trying to do a keto, moderate keto diet? I usually only have the drink before I exercise which is not as often as I should or a busy work day

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Ariel Warren
Ariel Warren

 - a year ago

Hi Tammy, fantastic question! Amino Energy drinks are about 2 grams of carbohydrates, 5 grams of BCAA (branched chained amino acids), and only 10 calories per serving. Given that you just have 1 serving (2 scoops) before exercise, that isn't a significant amount of carbs or protein so it should not be the deal breaker for you to reach your desired level of ketosis. If you are taking the supplement, I would say that other foods are definitely a greater contributor than this BCAA supplementation. A couple tips: If you are doing a moderate keto diet, I would not worry about a single serve of this BCAA supplementation pre-exercise. If you are doing a more strict keto approach, I would check either with a urine strip or a blood test (more accurate, but a bit pricey) to see if you are reaching ketosis. If you are not in ketosis, then I would FIRST tighten up your net carbohydrates (carbs - fiber), then check the next day with a urine/blood test to see if you have reached your desired level of ketosis. If after tightening up your carbs, you are still not hitting ketosis, THEN I would have you cut down slightly on your daily protein allowance. You can do this by starting with a 10 gram reduction in your protein daily amount, and increase as needed (but again, after your net carb intake has been tightened). As you are making such changes, continue to take a daily ketosis test to see if the changes are making a difference. Bottom line: if you just can't seem to reach your desired level of ketosis while taking Amino Energy and cutting carbs/protein, then you could use a caffeinated supplement without the BCAA supplementation for a boost in your workout without the small carb and protein contribution. Hopefully that helps, if you or any of your friends have health questions, they can write on HapiBody at anytime to get an answer from a Health Professional. Have a great day Tammy!

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