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A new CGM that's much more affordable?

The Libre Pro System, an affordable CGM?

Let's talk about a new possibility to have CGM, but one that is much more affordable for those who may have to pay for their CGMs out-of-pocket. CGMs are wonderful, and an absolute game changer for diabetics, but they can be extremely pricey. Let's talk about a new option, the FreeStyle Libre Pro that is widely reimbursed in commercial health insurance plans and national Medicare fee for service. The beautiful part of this CGM is that the reader costs $65 and each sensor is $60 (1).

Let's talk the nitty-gritty.

INDICATIONS FOR USE: The FreeStyle Libre Pro Flash Glucose Monitoring System is a professional continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) device indicated for detecting trends and tracking patterns in persons (age 18 and older) with diabetes. An advantage to this system though is that it does not require a user calibration with blood glucose values. Meaning, you don't need to stick your finger to calibrate. The FreeStyle Libre Pro System has the ability to detect your glucose level above or below the desired range. Interpretation of the FreeStyle Libre Pro Flash Glucose Monitoring System readings should be based on the trends and patterns analyzed through time using the reports available.

IMPORTANT: The device may inaccurately indicate hypoglycemia, which is not okay in my book. The results of the clinical study conducted for this device showed that 40% of the time when the device indicated that user sensor glucose values were at or below 60 mg/dL, user glucose values were actually in the range of 81-160 mg/dL. Yikes... Therefore, interpretation of the FreeStyle Libre Pro Flash Glucose Monitoring System readings should only be based on the trends and patterns analyzed through time using the reports available with each intended use.

TAKEAWAY: This "CGM" is not as sophisticated as the CGMs from Dexcom and/or Medtronic. If you aren't on a Dexcom or on the Medtronic CGM, and you don't have an insurance that can pay for either, the Libre Pro may be a great step in the right direction. If you are currently already using Medtronic or Dexcom, and have insurance that takes care of the expense, I would not switch to Libre Pro.

My top complaints about the Libre Pro...

1. You are not able to see a graph that shows the trend of your blood sugar over the last 3 - 24 hours.

2. There is a 40% of the time when the Libre Pro indicates your blood sugar is at or lower than 60 mg/dL, it is actually between 80 - 160 mg/dL.

My top favorite aspects about the Libre Pro...

1. The pricing. $65 for the Reader and $60 for each sensors is much more affordable than the Dexcom and Medtronic set up.

2. No finger stick calibrations, you simply grab your meter and wave it near your reader (which is commonly placed on the back of your arm).

If you like this, and feel that you need help with your diabetes, fitness, and/or weight loss goals, contact me through my website for a completely customized approach. I absolutely love helping T1Ds with their blood sugars, nutrition, fitness, and weight loss.

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